" RT @CelineGamble: This #WorldOceansDay I visited my old primary school to deliver an education session on marine conservation & #WildOyster… "
" RT @OfficialZSL: It's #WorldOceanDay🌊and #NativeOysters are shell-ebrating with us after @Wild_Oysters & @EssexOyster recent restoration su… "
" Wild Oysters Project supports the movement of #Protect30x30 this #WorldOceanDay and everyday! We are working towards aligned goals of boosting marine biodiversity through our ambitious #NativeOyster restoration actions. Creating marine #WildlifeHavens in UK coastal waters ! https://t.co/av3q8G3WmQ "
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" Take action on #WorldOceanDay ! 🌊🦐🐟🦀 Currently only 7% of our ocean is protected, but scientists say we need to safeguard 30% to be effective at preserving habitats and species📈 You can sign to support the global movement of #Protect30x30 today: https://t.co/61iM0KSg3f https://t.co/ysSDigFRgV "
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" Happy #WorldOceanDay from the @Wild_Oysters Project Team! 🌊🦐🐟🦀 #DYK that the ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface! It is home to amazing marine life, and it's nice to take a pause and celebrate our beautiful ocean. #Ocean #MarineLife #MarineBiodiversity https://t.co/Rk6yIng52J "
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" The next 10 years matter most in preventing catastrophic climate change & bending the curve on biodiversity loss. Marine habitats need our help to ensure our ocean is healthy & resilient in the face of these crises 💪🌊 #GenerationRestoration #WildOysters https://t.co/aaH6iIUSL0 https://t.co/HXjV0GGyul "
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" RT @NORA_Europe: @NORA_Europe is a proud official supporter of the UN Decade on Restoration #GenerationRestoration https://t.co/bHODNRrchM"
" This #WorldEnvironmentDay we are delighted to share that we are an official supporter of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. #WildOysters are working together to recover self-sustaining populations of #NativeOysters in UK seas 🌊 #GenerationRestoration #wildoysters https://t.co/fJaGkHeiFY "
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" RT @NORA_Europe: Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay! For the next #GenerationRestoration @NORA_Europe is delighted to launch a series of fun activ… "
" RT @NORA_Europe: We love oysters! Nothing illustrates this better than our adapted UN Decade on Restoration logo. #oysters #GenerationResto… "
" RT @UNEP: Ecosystem restoration can: ✅ Reverse biodiversity losses & increase the provision of ecosystem services ✅ Be highly efficient in… "
" #DYK in the UK we have lost 95% of #NativeOyster reefs 📉 Drivers inc. overharvesting, habitat loss & water pollution. This infographic shows impacts on #oyster populations. It is vital we work together to support an ocean full of life 🌊🦀🐟#WildOysters #GenerationRestoration https://t.co/98bIRNluam "
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" RT @SciencesNCL: Last but certainly not least we're joined by @CelineGamble from @OfficialZSL to tell us all about oyster reef restoration,… "
" RT @NativeOysterNet: 📢JUNE NEWSLETTER ALERT! This month we've got shell-tastic job opportunities, news highlights, exciting updates & event… "
" RT @SciencesNCL: Getting set up for #WorldEnvironmentDay webinar which starts at 10am. Join us to hear from some brilliant scientists about… "
" RT @EssexOyster: In May we started work to scale up our efforts to restore native oyster habitat in the Blackwater. Completing deployment o… "
" RT @CelineGamble: I am looking forward to join a panel of incredible speakers for a discussion on how young people are helping to save the… "
" RT @weareboatfolk: In episode 13 of Folk Tales we speak with @OfficialZSL and @BangorUni about the pioneering @Wild_Oysters Project that sa… "
" BIG THANKS on #VolunteersWeek to all our #WildOysters volunteers across the UK who are helping to recover self-sustaining #NativeOyster populations to provide healthy, resilient, coastal waters supporting an ocean full of life 🙌 #ConwyBay #FirthofClyde #TyneandWear https://t.co/jOU5VOOJPe "
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