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" As part of our work restoring the oysters we need to monitor our nurseries every month for health and biodiversity! This is where the help of our fantastic volunteers come in! Volunteer in Scotland click here: AUG: See you at our site! 🦀🐠🐡🐙🐟🦞🐬🦐 "
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" RT @CCNScotland: 🌊We urgently need to scale the protection & restoration of marine habitats in Scotland 🤝CCN have a have created a shared… "
" @teesriverstrust @DefraGovUK @HeritageFundUK Exciting news- great work! 👏🦪 "
" RT @ZSLconservation: Why are we restoring native oysters? Oysters may be small in size, but they provide huge benefits (ecosystem services)… "
" To wrap up #WorldOysterDay we would like say a HUGE thanks to our local volunteers & partners @GWKNE, @sos_bangor_uni, @ClydePorpoise for all their work caring for and monitoring our oysters. And a BIG thanks to players of @PostcodeLottery for making our project possible🙌🦪 "
" RT @Bluemarinef: Did you know that Native oysters eat algae and organic particles by sucking water in like a hoover and trapping food on th… "
" Our team have been delivering our ambitious engagement & #education programme at our sites ✨👇@Wild_Oysters wouldn’t be possible without the support of our local volunteers, if you are interested in getting involved 📧👉 #WorldOysterDay #volunteering "
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" RT @ZSLconservation: We have been busy monitoring the oyster nurseries & collecting data on marine animals that interact with them🦀So far w… "
" We have estimated that our 4,000+ oysters have filtered almost 98 million litres of water (almost half a million bathtubs of water) to date. Thanks to players of @PostcodeLottery we are seeing the benefits that native oysters provide for our seas 🦪🌊💙 #WorldOysterDay @PPLComms "
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" RT @Bluemarinef: "Native oysters are ecosystem engineers, meaning they create a complex 3D habitat that provides feeding and nursery ground… "
" RT @prifysgolbangor: Ar #DiwrnodWystrysyByd Mae’r Prosiect Wystrys Gwyllt yn dathlu llwyddiant i fywyd gwyllt ar ôl canfod dros 27,000 o an… "
" Our team have been busy monitoring the oyster nurseries & collecting data on the marine animals that interact with them🐟🦀We have found 27,000+ marine animals, inc. 65 different species, indicating that our project is helping more than just oysters! #WorldOysterDay #WildOysters "
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" RT @BangorUni: It's #WorldOysterDay and The Wild Oysters Project is celebrating a win for wildlife after finding over 27,000 marine animals… "
" The oyster nurseries (housing 27 mature native oysters) are secured underneath the marina pontoons ⛵ Can you spot the marine animals interacting with the nurseries in the snaps below?👇🦀🦐 @Wild_Oysters #WorldOysterDay #Biodiversity #Conservation @PPLComms "
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" To date we have installed 141 oyster nurseries, containing 4,000+ native oysters in 6 marina sites across 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿We have set up restoration sites with our brilliant delivery partners @GWKNE , @sos_bangor_uni , @ClydePorpoise ! #WorldOysterDay #generationrestoration #NativeOyster "
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" RT @ZSLconservation: Hello from the coastline of North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿☀️I'm @CelineGamble a Project Manager in our Conservation team at ZSL👋… "
" Our ambition is to restore Britain’s seas to health through the restoration of the #NativeOyster! We are a national collaboration between @OfficialZSL , @Bluemarinef & @britishmarine, and delivery partners @GWKNE, @sos_bangor_uni, @ClydePorpoise! #WorldOysterDay #WildOysters "
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" Good morning☀️🌊Today we are very excited to be celebrating #WorldOysterDay 2022! Keep your eyes peeled👀, as throughout the day we will be sharing some of our @WildOysters progress to date🦪🎉👏 #WildOysters #GenerationRestoration #Fridaymotivation "
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" We are really looking forward to seeing our volunteers over the summer. Helping us to monitor our marine superheroes.. What better way is there to spend a summer day! Email to get involved! #ConwyBay #TyneandWear #FirthOfClyde #OceanConservation #SaveTheSea "
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" It has been a super busy summer so far - we have hosted many classes of wonderful students at our nursery sites. Drop us a line if you'd like to arrange a hands on experience for a group of young people. #keystagetwo #keystagethree "
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