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Educational materials

The Wild Oysters Project is passionate about educating and inspiring the next generation of marine stewards. We have used the expertise of the ZSL and BLUE education teams to create a learning programme for a range of students, with materials developed for pupils aged 8-11 and 11-14.



Students to have a greater knowledge and awareness of native oysters and the ecosystem services they provide.

Students to have a greater knowledge and understanding of marine habitats in the UK and the marine environment resulting in increased ocean literacy.

Students to have increased awareness and understanding of their local Wild Oysters project.

Students are inspired to care for the marine environment and become marine stewards.

Our education programme features a range of lesson plans, work sheets, interactive games, and other exciting materials. The programme has been developed to link with the national curriculum for England, Scotland, and Wales. Students will have the opportunity to attend a site visit and experience our oyster conservation work and see, first-hand, the incredible restoration actions taking place, helping to inspire the next generation of marine stewards and oyster heroes!

Teachers, home schoolers and educators - Interested in getting involved?


To download our materials, please complete the form below to help us to monitor the reach of our material. You will then be sent a download link to the materials via email:

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    If you live nearby to one of our restoration sites, you can book a site visit with one our dedicated local project officers. During the site visit you will become a “scientist” and help us to monitor and care for our oysters in the nurseries, you might even spot a few other marine animals. We welcome bookings from school groups, children’s groups, volunteer groups and families.

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