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About Firth of Clyde

The Firth of Clyde is located on the West Coast of Scotland. The Clyde sea area is 4000km2 in size and encompasses many islands, sea lochs, peninsulas, and estuaries, including Arran and the Cumbrae Islands. The Clyde contains a suite of designations including three MPAs, a National Park, SPAs, SACs, Ramsar sites and a handful of marine SSSIs.

Remnant populations, patches and solitary native oysters can still be found in the Clyde Sea Area. The Clyde has been heavily impacted by various fisheries with continued dredging and trawling. Inshore dredging, pollution, climate change and illegal shellfish harvesting have all contributed to the demise of the local native oyster population. However, two remnant populations of native oysters are present within the Wild Oysters Project local area and are the focus of our attention.

The Firth of Clyde and Glasgow do not have the same degree of documented oyster culture as found associated with Edinburgh during the 18th Century. However, every Glaswegian and oyster connoisseur will be familiar with the Rogano Oyster Bar with its 1930s art deco interior. The Loch Fyne Oyster Bar located at the head of Scotland’s longest sea loch, has become an internationally recognised brand. Apart from the Loch Ryan native oyster fishery, most of the oysters grown in the Clyde are non-native species. At Fairlie, Cumbrae Oysters grow pacific oysters in Shellfish Protected Waters. Shellfish growing activity (mostly mussels) is also taking place within the other five designated Shellfish Protected Waters sites in the Clyde.

Nursery Locations

The West Coast of Scotland is renowned for its excellent sailing waters and easily accessed from Largs Yacht Haven and Fairlie Quay Marina. These marine centres are perfectly situated on the North Coast of North Ayrshire and close to Scotland central belt and major transport hubs.

The yacht haven and marina are 500m apart and located on the foreshore of Kelburn Estate. Largs and Fairlie are both within easy walking distance of each other and connected by the Ayrshire shore path network.

You can view a live webcam at Largs Yacht Haven here:

Local Delivery partners

The Firth of Clyde Wild Oysters Project is delivered locally by Clyde porpoise CIC with assistance from local working group Fairlie Coastal Trust.

Clyde Porpoise CIC

Clyde Porpoise CIC is a not-for-profit community interest company, focused on the research and conservation of marine species in the Clyde and surrounding seas. Clyde Porpoise CIC is engaged in marine stewardship and environmental monitoring projects.

Fairlie Coastal Trust

Fairlie Coastal is a member of The Coastal Communities Network. A  collaboration of locally-focused community groups , guided by the belief that coastal communities across Scotland are well placed to harness long-term solutions to ensure healthy, well-managed seas.

Meet your local project officer:

David Nairn

David Nairn works for Clyde Porpoise Community Interest Company and engaged with marine conservation projects around the Clyde.

How can you get involved?

If you would like to get involved in the Firth of Clyde oyster restoration efforts, please get in touch with David by contacting

If you are interested in following the local progress of the Firth of Clyde restoration hub, we invite you to join our closed Facebook group

We welcome contact from volunteers, places of education, and community groups!